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Gloves and leggings that students can wear to get a personalized feel for the dermatomes and peripheral nerve innervation of the skin of the limbs. Markings and colourings are based on Grays Anatomy for Students, 3rd Edition. The garments are one-size-fits-most and, because they are very stretchy in all directions, the markings tend to fall in the correct anatomical position for most people. Refer to Grays if in any doubt.

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Production Information

Gloves - purchased polycotton long gloves were painted with heat-set inks. The inks were thinned down a little to make them easier to brush on. A hairdryer was useful to dry the inks and prevent smudges between colours. The final heat-set was carried out over several days in a 40 degree C oven.

Leggings were sewn up from several colours of nylon lycra/elastane. Nylon lycra/elastane is usually easy to obtain in a wide range of colours from dancewear suppliers and is very stretchy in all directions. A suitable stretchy machine stitch should be used when sewing up so that the seams don’t rip when the garments are pulled on. An elastic waistband is sewn into the top edge of the leggings.

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Plans for one-size-fits-most leggings (background grid is 100mm x 100mm):

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Pattern pieces (background grid is 100mm x 100mm):

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Note: flip the pattern pieces over for the leg opposite the one illustrated.


Upper limb areas and painting colours:

Dermatomes C5 Yellow, light
Dermatomes C6 Yellow, middle
Dermatomes C7 Yellow, dark
Dermatomes C8 Yellow, darkest
Dermatomes T1 Blue, light
Dermatomes T2 Blue, middle
Peripheral nerves Axillary nerve (superior lateral cutaneous nerve of arm) Green, middle
Peripheral nerves Radial nerve (inferior lateral and posterior cutaneous nerves of arm and posterior cutaneous nerve of forearm) Red
Peripheral nerves Musculocutaneous nerve (lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm) Purple
Peripheral nerves Ulnar nerve Blue, dark
Peripheral nerves Median nerve Orange
Peripheral nerves Radial nerve (superficial branch) Pink

Lower limb pattern pieces and fabric colours:

Dermatomes L1 Green, lightest
Dermatomes L2 Green, light
Dermatomes L3 Green, middle
Dermatomes L4 Green, dark
Dermatomes L5 Green, darkest
Dermatomes S1 Purple, light
Dermatomes S2 Purple, middle
Dermatomes S3 Purple, dark
Dermatomes S4 Purple, darkest
Peripheral nerves Posterior rami (L1 to L3) Yellow, dark
Peripheral nerves Posterior rami (S1 to S3) Red
Peripheral nerves Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh (from lumbar plexus) Red
Peripheral nerves Obturator nerve Orange
Peripheral nerves Posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh (from sacral plexus) Green, dark
Peripheral nerves Femoral nerve (anterior cutaneous nerves of thigh) Yellow, dark
Peripheral nerves Common fibular nerve (lateral cutaneous nerve of calf) Blue, light
Peripheral nerves Femoral nerve (saphenous nerve) Yellow, light
Peripheral nerves Common fibular nerve (superficial branch) Blue, dark
Peripheral nerves Tibial nerve (sural nerve) Purple, light
Peripheral nerves Common fibular nerve (deep branch) Blue, light
Peripheral nerves Lateral plantar nerve Red
Peripheral nerves Medial plantar nerve Orange
Peripheral nerves Tibial nerve (medial calcaneal branches) Purple, dark
Peripheral nerves Other nerves Beige

Creators: Dr Latika Samalia (initial idea and academic support), Fieke Neuman (painting, patterns and sewing), Tim Moser (labelled keys). All from Department of Anatomy, University of Otago.

Keywords: Teaching, Anatomy, Medicine, Arm, Leg, Sensation, Science, Biology


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License